:: m a x S c r i p t ::

here are a few various maxScripts/macroScripts that i use in my day to day work. most of them are quick little tools to automate something annoying. you may be able to find some that are similar on scriptSpot.com, as some of these were just puzzles i wanted to figure out on my own. take them & try them out. if you have any ideas to make them better or if you find a problem with one lemme know...

handHeldCam - creates a camera that simulates the slight shake of a handheld camera. you can see the effect here. in max, switch to perspective mode and align your viewport how you want it & click the button (or shortcut or quad) & the camera will automatically align itself to the view and the viewport will switch to camera view.

camSwitcher - when i animate, i like to setup a bunch of static cameras around the character so i can view the animation from several preset angles. i wrote this script to remap the c hotkey to, so now the key acts as a toggle instead of forcing you to go to persp mode and select another camera from a list. works with a mix of target and free cameras.

openNexter - part of my job at acclaim involved checking other peoples files, sometimes lots of them. this involved going to a max directory, open a file, make a few tweaks, save it and then open the next one, and so on. the pain in the butt was that you had to keep up with what file you just opened and edited to know where in the list of files was the next one to open. erg! when you're dealing with 300+ files you can start to go a little crosseyed.
this script allows you to define a directory to your maxfiles (screenshot), and then open your files one by one, edit them, save them and then open the next one with this little dialog (screenshot). it also keeps track of what file you're on and how many you have left to go via a message in the listener window (screenshot).

  setPosKey & setRotKey - works just like the create key dialog, just on position or rotation. i wrote these scripts to add to the quad menu, so i don't have to right-click the timeslider and uncheck things in the create key dialog. cuts down on mouse travel - yay wrists!

batcher - (it's a badger, get it?) one of the most important features of photoshop is to batch process a whole bunch of files at once with a pre-made action. i wanted to be able to do this with max, so i wrote this tool (screenshot) that allows you to define a path to your max files and run a pre-made maxScript on them or type in few lines of code directly in the dialog. this is great for those times when you have to rename something for an exporter, but that something is in 500 files. out of all the tools i've written, this is one of my favorites, it's totally saved my ass a few times.

batchRenderAvi - this is a quick script i threw together to render a folder of over 650 2-3 second lipsync animations for the Alias project. just point to the folder, specifiy the output folder, hit "go" and sit back and have a sandwich. requires a camera named Camera01 (i'll prolly add the ability to specify a camera name later or if enough people ask for it). also, it uses the last settings you specified for avi's. so, open the first file set the render settings and close it. *note* - works pretty good but not completely debugged sometimes the memory maxes out.

  emptyModifier - a simple empty modifier to add custom attributes to via maxScript. this is basically fred ruff's Modifier-Attribute Holder.ms that shipped with max 4 without the UI labels. his script wasn't included with max 6 & i don't know why. on create do( ) -- can't get easier than that!

more coming soon!