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100 bullets :: 09.14.04 - 100 bullets page added!
includes some of the in-game cinematic animation i did. it's nice to finally be tracking some of this stuff down to prove that i really am an animator!

vexx :: 09.13.04 - vexx page added!
found the mid-game cinematic i worked on - jeez finally some animation on this site!


::09.11.04 -emptyModifier added to maxScripts!!
a completely lazy, do nothing modifier that you can write custom attributes to via maxScript.

blood diamond avi added to alias page!

subsidized fate :: 09.09.04 - subsidized fate page added to personal projects gallery!

batchRenderAvi added to maxScripts!!
point to a folder of max files, specify a folder for the avi's, hit go and take a nap!

alias page added to professional work gallery!
i got to work on every single character in the show BUT jeniffer garner... dang the luck!

nba jam :: 09.06.04 - nba jam page added to professional work gallery!
I LOVE THIS GAME! well, the real one with real players, but the one we made was pretty cool too!


:: 09.05.04 - links page updated!!
more people i know!

concept art added to bootsy page in personal projects gallery!

NEWS - more on the acclaim tragedy...
as a result of acclaim's bankruptcy over 130 game developers (including me) in austin have been left jobless without their last paycheck, no insurance and no severance. to add insult to injury, we have been locked out of the studio since aug. 23rd and have been denied the ability to remove our personal items from our offices until the bankruptcy court can inventory what the feel is the "property" of acclaim. i personally have a retail xbox and ps2 with about 100 games and dvd's in my office that could be considered company property (i have to present receipts to prove they are mine). there's a possibility the bankruptcy court trustee is going to have all personal items in the building (two floors worth of offices) removed from offices and cubicles and placed in one area for us to sift through and retrieve what is ours. what's worse is we are going to be denied access to our personal computers (much less the file servers) to back up emails, personal projects and all the work we've done while there. this explains why my professional work gallery is so empty. all 130+ of us are trying to find jobs and get back on our feet. in my opinion, what happened to the acclaim employees is more than bad business, it's purely criminal.

  :: 08.31.04 -batcher added to maxScripts!!
batch process max files just like you do in photoshop! ...sort of.


:: 08.30.04 - openNexter added to maxScripts!!
a handy utility to aid in checking multiple max files. enjoy!

NEWS - acclaim studios austin (and worldwide for that matter) is officially closed.
... so, it looks like i'm available for hire. if you're an art director type and dig what you see here, gimme a job!!

setPosKey and setRotKey added to maxScripts!!
works just like the create key dialog, just on position or rotation and in the quad menu!

timmy the testicle :: 08.28.04 - timmy the mutant testicle section added to personal gallery!
uhhhh...... yeah, you read it right.

older stuff section added :: 08.26.04 - older stuff section added to personal gallery!
images and avi's of some older personal projects

  :: 08.25.04 - links page added!
when you get bored with my site - check out these!

  :: 08.24.04
printable .pdf resume added!
if you're at all interested in printing what i've done up until now!

bio section added!
random stuff about me! wheee!

maxscript page added!
handHeldCam and camSwitcher added & available for download!!

bootsy collins :: 08.22.04 - bootsy collins page added!
my tribute to the funkiest funker in the galaxy.

dieter of the ss :: 08.21.04 - dieter of the ss page added!
the third reich has never been so much fun! WIP shot & early versions.

the digitalTravolta project :: 08.20.04 - the digitalTravolta project page added!
WIP screenshots & a lipsync test - it's waaaay better than battlefield earth!! i promise!

  :: 08.20.04 - resume added!
if you're at all interested in what i've done up until now!

  :: 08.20.04 - beautifulRobot is born!
my portfolio website is up and running. not much here now, but i'll be adding sections as soon as possible. keep checking back to this page for site updates!