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as i go through my collection of maxScripts i’ve written through my career, i seem to find a bunch that i have little to no idea of what they were actually for. sometimes these scripts just become outdated as the software improves or the needs for them were based in the limits of “last-gen”. these are the “scripts from the crypt” - maxScripts that are fairly useless, but i still find interesting either for a laugh or purely from an academic standpoint. so, i will post these here as i stumble across them.

first up, the normalbomb script.

i seem to recall that i wrote this to give alpha plane tree leaves a more voluminous look, rather than simple flat cards. i think it turned out well, i just don’t remember. either way, it’s interesting the path i took to achieve the affect.

normal bomb will take any mesh object and adjust it’s vert normals to appear spherical. basically, through script i create a sphere around the object to “bomb”, compare verts on the sphere & base mesh and match up pairs that are closest to each other, copy the normal from the sphere’s vert & apply it to the mesh’s vert.

you can check out the script here.

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