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recently i started modeling a gibson les paul to keep my prop modelling chops up. being anal, i wanted to be sure i had the correct fret spacing. i did a little research on luthier sites & came up with this simple formula…

scale length of the guitar / 1.0595 ^ fret number

the scale of a les paul is 24.75″ (62.865 cm) from the bridge to the nut. in music, each successive note is 1.0595 times higher in pitch than the previous one. for each fret we just raise to the next power & voila! - you get perfectly laid out frets.

the meat of the script simply clones the fret base object (aligned in X at the bridge) and moves each fret based on the above formula…

for i in numberOfFrets do
newObj = maxops.cloneNodes $ newNodes: &newObjs
move newObjs[1] [(scaleLength / 1.0595 ^ i), 0, 0]

you can grab this simple script here.

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