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windows thumbnail tips

September 6th, 2008

if you’re like me, you have windows folder options set to view thumbnails. we deal in a graphic medium and are constantly working with LOTS of images, so it only makes sense. however, there’s some functionality that’s missing or cumbersome which forces us to double click on a file to open it in irfanView or ACDSee. here’s some tips to cut out that extra step…
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a widget is a “cut & paste” normal map for small detail items like nuts, screws, rivets, etc. normally, you wouldn’t want to shift-drag tons of little bolts on a model & then rip the normal maps. widgets are created with your detail mesh and a special light rig to fake the normal directions. the resulting render is your widget. with them you can copy the normal map “widget” from it’s .tga file and paste, scale and duplicate as needed into the object’s normal map.

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as i go through my collection of maxScripts i’ve written through my career, i seem to find a bunch that i have little to no idea of what they were actually for. sometimes these scripts just become outdated as the software improves or the needs for them were based in the limits of “last-gen”. these are the “scripts from the crypt” - maxScripts that are fairly useless, but i still find interesting either for a laugh or purely from an academic standpoint. so, i will post these here as i stumble across them.

first up, the normalbomb script.

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recently i started modeling a gibson les paul to keep my prop modelling chops up. being anal, i wanted to be sure i had the correct fret spacing. i did a little research on luthier sites & came up with this simple formula…

scale length of the guitar / 1.0595 ^ fret number

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beautifulRobot is reborn!

August 13th, 2008

converted site to wordress. now to populate it with stuff. for now, you can cruise the old site here.